Empowering the next class of Vietnamese capitalists

Vietnam Angel Investors Circle – VAIC

VAIC (Vietnam Angel Investors Circle) is a Delaware-based LLC with the vision of nourishing, empowering, and inspiring a new generation of Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

VAIC seeks to provide seeds and angel capital to budding entrepreneurs to take their businesses off the ground via the Manipadhum LP investment fund in exchange for equity. VAIC also aims to bridge the gap between investors and start-ups through various fee-based additional services.

Our visions are to eventually build the next class of Vietnamese capitalists through leveraging and capitalizing on the many exciting opportunities arising in Vietnam as an emerging market environment. We hope to work with entrepreneurs and teams who are well educated, energetic, hard working, who have high potentials for success in this new era of Vietnam economic development to help build an even stronger Vietnam of 21st century.

For investors

Investment Syndication, Originations, and M&A: For deals outside Manipadhum’s scope VAIC would be happy to lead/form an investment syndicate or advise on M&A.

Market Expertise for Investors & Entrepreneurs: Industries’ intelligence, competitive analysis, startups’ landscape and ecosystem, events, and latest news on other exciting developments outside Manipadhum’s portfolio.

For entrepreneurs

Strategies: Strategic & Management consulting for Entrepreneurs working to get their businesses off the ground.

Human Capital: Access to a wide network of high-skilled and energetic professionals.

Manipadhum LP

Manipadhum Capital LP is an investment vehicle managed by VAIC for seasoned angel investors who are interested in the Vietnamese startup spaces to be exposed to exciting investment opportunities.  

Manipadhum is inspired from a Buddhist teaching in Sanskrit: ”Om Mani Padme Hum” (Án Ma Ni Bát Mê Hồng), most often associated with the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát).

The teaching is fundamental in Buddhist philosophy, with each syllable encompasses a meaningful message:

Om: Generosity, Ma: Ethics, Ni: Patience, Pad: Dilligence, Me: Renunciation, Hum: Wisdom

Our Investment Philosophy:

Our investment fund thus aims to find entrepreneurs and businesses with Wisdom, Ethics, Diligence, and Patience – which we consider the four vital elements for success in Vietnam. These values are manifested in more concrete criteria as followed:  

-     Business model is based on visions for changes, and with disruptive ideas leveraging on Vietnam’s economic fundamentals with great potentials for immediate cash flow.

-   Great team who are dedicated to their cause with passion, energy, and an unparalleled level of ethics, be it work ethics or business ethics.

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