Meet our Angels

The Angels Circle is a group professionals who are excited and eager to work with Vietnamese startups and entrepreneurs in whatever capacities that entice them. These are the young professionals who are aiming to one day be an entrepreneurs themselves and currently building the financial capital as well as knowledge and experience, or the seasoned investors who want to be more involved and exposed to the Vietnamese startups space in order to find one great team and product to invest in. Either way, they are passionate, caring, and willing to work with teams to help them grow and succeed. For businesses looking for a mid to upper level managers, please contact us for a full database of professionals who are eager to join force with you – VAIC would happy to be the bridge. Also, do not hesitate to approach these experts in their fields if you need to consult them with questions you have yet known the answer for.

Business Strategies & Development
Pham Tra My

Creative mind. Constantly creating, learning and improving multiple medias and products.

Linh Pham

Having strong roots in both finance and technology, she works with financial modelers to develop, test and deliver new valuation and risk models for multiple asset classes and collaborate with developers to create or enhance tools within BlackRock’s Aladdin technology infrastructure.

Accounting, Financial Planning & Strategies
Chi Mai

Major in Pure Maths at Dartmouth College. Interned at EY, AlixPartners, and IDG Ventures. Working as Investment banking summer analyst at UBS in Global Power, Utilities and Renewable Energy - assists companies in their strategic financial decision to raise capitals or acquire/ dispose new businesses.

Khanh Le

Bachelor degree from Brigham Young University, Utah-USA. Working for Goldman Sachs since June 2013
Khanh's previous and current jobs are focusing on business planning and process improvement, with which he hopes to be able to bring my skills to help start-ups.

Hanh Nguyen

Current employer at Microsoft. Passionate about making Vietnam on the map, technology industry, and business development.

Technologies & Designs
Nghi Nguyen

BA at Illinois Wesleyan University, major in Psychology and Graphic Design. Design Specialist at VietAbroader, HCMC .
Portfolio here

Ania Bui

Major in Computer Science and Graphic Design at Illinois Wesleyan University. Art Assistant at Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw. 
Portfolio here